11 Upcoming Movies of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock” worldwide is an on-screen superstar now, without a doubt. One of the highest earning star right now, the actor has about a dozen films lined up in the next few years! Here is a look at 10 of his upcoming entertainers, nicely put up by cinemablend.com :

The Fate of the Furious

You can’t keep a good franchise down, and so — even though they lost one of their founding fathers in Paul Walker — the eighth Fast & Furious film is racing into theaters in April, with new locations (New York City, Iceland and Cuba) and a new villain in Charlize Theron. Still, the F&F series is about family, and The Rock has been part of the crew since Fast Five (still the highwater mark, in my opinion, of this wildly entertaining series). What will Hobbs be doing in The Fate of the Furious? He’ll be holding the “family” together, because “Evil” Vin Diesel wants to tear it apart.

Release date: April 14, 2017


After pounding bad guys as part of his Fast series, it’s back to the beach for Dwayne Johnson as he heads up a remake of the classic TV show Baywatch. Only, from everything we have been hearing, this one is NOT television friendly. Co-starring Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Priyanka Chopra and several members of the original Baywatch cast, this new comedy is going to be pushing the hard-R rating… which can come from violence (it’s going to have a criminal element to it) but likely will come from the language and humor. So long as it’s funny, and given the Rock’s increasing sense of humor and confidence as an on-screen comedian, we’re feeling optimistic.

Release date: May 19, 2017

dwayne johnson jumanji
Dwayne Johnson in “Jumanji”


This one, all of a sudden, has been on The Rock’s radar. Johnson’s Central Intelligence co-star Kevin Hart, Guardians of the Galaxy co-star Karen Gillan, and Jack Black will be part of the remake. Rock has even talked about how they have a great tribute to Robin Williams, the original star of Jumanji, planned. It’s not a remake of the original. It’s a sequel, and a continuation, that will use video games to update the story. We shall see soon enough.

Release date: December 22, 2017


Until recently, this one felt further off and like more of a pipe dream The Rock still wanted to bring to the big screen, if and when he found the time. Technology likely will have to catch up to Johnson’s imagination to pull this one off, but at least Rampage has now been given an official release date. Rampage was an arcade game that had gigantic monsters — a wolf, an ape and a dinosaur/lizard — attacking a city and avoiding the military. Players played as the monsters, though I’d assume a Rampage movie would have The Rock defending the city against this onslaught.

Release date: April 20, 2018


After Central Intelligence, director Rawson Marshall Thurber mentioned a pitch he had for a Dwayne Johnson action pic that would cast the hulking lead as a retired FBI badass who now assesses security levels in very tall buildings. While on assignment in China, Rock’s character finds himself being framed for a fire set in the skyscraper, and now he has to race time (and overcome obstacles) to free his name and rescue his family. If it sounds like The Rock’s Die Hard, well, it is. But Universal believes enough in the concept to give this one a greenlight, and a juicy summer release date.

Release date: July 13, 2018

dwayne johnson san andreas
San Andreas

San Andreas 2

After the above titles, we start to get speculative, as nothing else on The Rock’s calendar has an actual release date… just a lot of chatter, and updates from the actor’s camp on project possibilities. San Andreas 2 is a no-brainer, as the first movie earned a whopping $473 million in global ticket sales. Rumors at the time of announcement had Dwayne Johnson’s character — an LAFD search-and-rescue helicopter pilot — going up against the Ring of Fire… which means The Rock is going to punch a volcano. No release date yet, but seeing as how Rock loves working with Alexandra Daddario, we think this one’s destined to happen.

Doc Savage

Shane Black returned to theaters recently with his ’70s detective noir The Nice Guys, and while he was on the publicity circuit, he talked about projects from his past, and his hopeful future. The writer/director has scripts in motion for The Predator, a reboot of that popular franchise, as well as a stab at Doc Savage, a pulp magazine character. Shortly after that news broke, The Rock teased a collaboration with Black that he would film in 2017. It’s likely Doc Savage, as that story would be about a heroic character who’s damn near perfect in every way… sounds exactly like Dwayne Johnson! Look or more news on this one soon.


Welcome to the DC Cinematic Universe, Dwayne Johnson. The funny thing is, DC and Warner Bros. locked up The Rock in the role of Black Adam in a Shazam movie several years ago, and we’ve all just been waiting for that dream to become a reality. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice kicked off this new run of DC movies, but Shazam isn’t supposed to happen until 2019. And even that isn’t set in stone. Some say it could happen earlier. Which would be great! But for now, we know very little about this far-off DC superhero blockbuster.

The Robert Ludlum Universe

This one might be the most recent addition to The Rock’s calendar… because the man clearly isn’t satisfied unless he has double-digit projects on his cinematic To-Do list. The late Robert Ludlum wrote thrillers and espionage stories (the Bourne series drew inspiration from Ludlum’s stories), and Dwayne Johnson recently broke the news that he would be backing an adaptation of the author’s The Janson Directive, which would cast The Rock as an ex-Navy SEAL who gets caught up in a far-reaching government conspiracy that has him hunted by assassins from the Consular Operations. Naturally, if this hits, The Rock could have another franchise on his hands. Because the only thing The Rock likes more than kicking ass if having a new franchise to his name.

Big Trouble in Little China

Truthfully, we were hoping this one would fade away. But The Rock recently reaffirmed plans to make a new version of John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China. And he’s saying all the right things about respecting the source material, and honoring the work of both Carpenter and the legendary Kurt Russell. It’s just… I kind of get how the anti-Ghostbusters folks feel when The Rock talks about remaking Big Trouble. I love Rock. I love this movie. I wish Rock would do something different, and leave this movie alone. Will I go see what he does with it? Sure. But I kind of think it would be better if we had ONE Big Trouble in Little China.

dwayne johnson journey to the center of the earth 2

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3 and 4 (??)

We’re going to combine these last two into one entry, because if they happen, they will be a package deal. Before Dwayne Johnson and his Journey director Brad Peyton turned their attentions to San Andreas, they announced plans to make two more Journey to the Center of the Earth films (meaning, parts 3 and 4).  These may still happen, but for now, they come with a massive grain of salt.

Source and Material: cinemablend.com