5 Best Superhero Movies of 2019 Revisited

Here’s a look at the top 5 Superhero films released in 2019 which one should not miss!

2019 saw a flurry of movies from the stable of Marvel and DC films. Add to that, some of the other studios also made a few films which could definitely qualify as what we now famously know as “superhero” films.

A very notable superhero movie which does not make this list due to the disastrous product was Dark Phoenix , the last movie from the X-men Series. Yes, disaster is an under-statement and obviously, it doesn’t make the top-5 list.

Here is a look at the top-5 list, in ascending order:

5. Glass
The trailer for “Glass” looked extremely promising when it was released late 2018. Following the hugely successful Split, a superhero crossover that was supposed to bring together director M. Night Shyamalan’s three best characters into some mysterious climactic development. These characters were actually the mixing together of “Split” and “Unbreakable,” two unique but entertaining films in the top tier of Shyamalan’s lineup. The idea of an auteur-driven superhero franchise seemed fresh and exciting.

One can’t help but respect the film’s ambition. There’s a good movie hidden somewhere in there, but it never reveals itself. Shyamalan has an obvious reverence for superhero mythology, but his passion transmits into boring scenes of villains and heroes being self-aware about the archetypes they represent. These concepts were executed well in the previous two movies, but Shyamalan doesn’t build on it. (Shyamalan also seems to think we don’t remember the past two movies, since he keeps on inserting annoying flashbacks to them that detract from the film’s experience.)

When the action finally hits, it’s underwhelming, and the movie’s twists only seem to exist for the sake of being twists.

The expectations were lifted sky-high after Split, but though the movie does not match the expectations, it is not a bad watch. The best qualities of “Glass” are its performances (expected from masterclass actors like James McAvoy, Samuel L. Jackson, and Bruce Willis). Makes the op-5 cut, but just about.

4. Spider-Man: Far From Home
“Spider-Man: Far From Home” was a movie which was not even expected to top ,the MCU’s summer blockbuster “Avengers: Endgame,” and gladly it didn’t even try to. It’s a down-to-earth comedy-cum-teen-flick, which actually feels more like a two hour Marvel scene than an actual movie. However, there was no denying that “Far From Home” continued the MCU narrative through the eyes of Peter Parker, who is just back after saving the world and seeing is favorite hero Iron Man die. Stressed and tired from all the big action, he is just wanting to relax and live like a teenager in the American Summer. And yes, enjoying some quality time with MJ.

alternate image for Spider-Man: Far From Home

But it turns out for Peter Parker, that he doesn’t choose the superhero life, the superhero life chooses him. Parker finds himself wearing the Spider-Man suit to defeat the Elementals: mythological creatures from an alternate reality. But everything isn’t as it seems.

The marketing campaign for “Far From Home” was clever, and the movie included some aftermath of Endgame to bank on the blockbuster’s success. The film’s twists were clever and surprising: Mysterio’s alternate-dimension and how he is a techno-wizard illusionist. He’s no average MCU villain – not very strong physically but one which seems more real!

The main plot is engaging, and some of the subplots are funny, smart and made keeping the teens in mind. Tom Holland is, as usual, great and his summer romance with Zendaya’s MJ is a nice variation to the CGI superhero business. Peter Parker’s friend Ned is hilarious, but this time he seemed to be a bit more of an extra character.

Overall, “Far From Home” is an entertaining fare. It is 4th on the list just cause the other three films were probably, slightly better.

3. Shazam
The expectations from Shazam were not a lot. DC have delivered a mixed bag, with some films like Batman vs Superman being deemed disaster by fans (though the film did make good money). DC played safe here, Shazam seemed more of an action-comedy from trailers with a lesser known lead actor. But oh boy, didn’t the gamble work!

Easily one of the best from the DC Extended Universe! “Shazam” is funny, delightful and has a highly likable lead actor! It’s a Christmas family special, hammy revenge feature, paranormal action flick, and kinda superhero parody all inclusive. It was surprising that the film was not released during Christmas, which would have helped in boosting the business even more!

“Shazam” follows the story of a bad boy foster child Billy Batson, who’s obsessed with finding his biological mother. He is sent to a loving foster home that he doesn’t particularly love, and because of a stroke of luck, is transported to another parallel world where a wizard provides him wih superpowers to save the world from the seven deadly sins. And the superpowers come with a particular condition, Billy should take on an adult body . Billy and his foster brother Freddy are both lovable and believable, and behave like how most kids would act if suddenly given superpowers.

A very important part which elevated the film was its heartwarming themes of how family transcends blood and relation. Mark Strong is wonderful as the hammy villain, and whole ensemble is superb (especially Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer), “Shazam” is a great film to watch in any situation in desperate need of fun (aka: the DCEU). Simply put, it is a superhero movie with a heart.

2. Avengers: Endgame
I don’t know any one person who was not awaiting this epic. The climax of 21 movies, 12 years, and an unbelievable amount of hype. “Avengers: Endgame” undoubtedly exceeded expectations to deliver a mind-boggling and epic finale of biblical proportions. It’s hard to synopsize this film, and I don’t think I even need to.

“Avengers: Endgame” is the quest of all he remaining superheroes against the intergalactic warlord Thanos. How the superheroes fight the super-villain and bring (almost) every superhero back, is what forms the crux.

The first part of the film contains the return of some important characters (Hawk-eye and Ant-man) who team up with Captain America, Iron Man and an overweight Thor among others to plot the quantum-laden time travel. Many questions have been raised about the plot and its authenticity, but who cares when you see such a blockbuster entertainer unfold in fron of you.

The second half is all about the time-travel heist, which is just super fun and laden with so many nostalgic moments. These MCU moments make you laugh, cry and cheer for your favorite heroes.
The final act is just pure adrenaline rush. The shot of Captain America standing with his shield, with his battle-worn eyes greeted by Thanos and his companions will remain in our memories forever. “Endgame” does end on a bittersweet note, with three of the lead characters phasing out.

“Avengers: Endgame” is self indulgent, which will bring out the nostalgic you every single time you watch it. Obviously you will watch it again, won’t you?!

1. Joker
“Joker” was expected to be mature cinema, which will obviously be heavily dependent on the lead character’s performance. Heath Ledger had already made the character “untouchable” for many so it was going to be a major challenge for Joaquin Phoenix to match that. But boy did he not do well!

It’s a widely known fact that “Joker” is very derivative of “The King Of Comedy” and “Taxi Driver” and frankly, it turned out to be a good bet. Joker is one of the most twisted comic characters of all time, and though many found the violence too much to handle, director Todd Phillips changed he course of Joker’s character from just a super-villain to a realistic person.

“Joker” delved heavily in to the sensitive topic of mental health, which definitely gave the character a liberty to turn towards violence. It did point out that probably, a villain is made by the people around him, and though it cannot be justified but probably that is the reality many times. Joker shouts in one of the scenes, “WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU CROSS A MENTALLY ILL LONER WITH A SOCIETY THAT ABANDONS HIM AND TREATS HIM LIKE TRASH?”

“Joker” stars a mentally unstable and wannabe comedian Arthur Fleck from Gotham City. He’s living at home, taking care of his discouraging and sick mother, and also dealing with a rare neurological condition that causes him to laugh at the most inopportune but stressful moments. Due to circumstances he loses his job, and also the psychiatric medicine supply. As Gotham City goes berserk, Arthur Fleck gets evolved too in a negative way, embarking on his own quest in which he discovers his true self – Joker!

With Joaquin Phoenix’s iconic performance, accompanied by a stellar supporting cast led beautifully by Robert De Niro (Murray Franklin), Frances Conroy (Penny Fleck, Arthur’s mother) this movie is a winner in ensemble. However, the most important part of the movie is without a doubt the background score. I still get chills when I hear the OST by Hildur Guðnadóttir, I hope she scores for more movies.

“Joker” is laden with heartbreaking moments which will remain with you for long. When Arthur Fleck stumbles as he does stand-up, it’s genuinely difficult to see. The situations in the movie are such that sometimes, you actually question – Is Joker doing the right thing?

“Joker” is a huge winner for me. The pressure was immense on Todd Phillips to deliver a mature take on the super-villain, and he takes you on a tense and mentally draining ride which you savor. The movie deservedly became the first R-rated movie to cross $1 Billion, without a China release! If you haven’t watched yet, please do. If you have, watch it again sometime soon!