Review : 5 Reasons Why Akshay Kumar’s “Airlift” Disappoints!!

Akshay Kumar in Airlift
Akshay Kumar in Airlift
Akshay Kumar does well in “Airlift” but the movie falls short

It has been about 10 days since Airlift released, and it has been in the news for multiple reasons. Primary reason for the same being the novel story which is based on the real-life incident, not many have heard about the world’s largest evacuation led by India. This works in favor because there is a sense of astonishment amongst the audiences that the writers can play with by building a gripping tale around it. Akshay Kumar does very well as the main protagonist (Ranjit Katyal) who single-handedly gets out the Indians safely from Kuwait. But somehow, the film falls short of evoking any nationalist feeling! Here are 5 reasons why I thought it falls short:

  1. Larger-than-life Hero : In one of the scenes, Akshay Kumar’s character exclaims, ” I don’t want to be a messiah”. But sadly, the movie wants him to be one. Akshay is everywhere! We do love his act, but when you are making a film on real life events, you have to be more believable and should stick more to facts.
  2. Cartoon Villains : The Iraqi major, who plays one of the antagonist in the film, does well to evoke some laughs. But was it intentional?! Again, the weird accent and the tepid act make the character (which is probably fictitious) a joke! Also, the MEA (Minister of External Affairs) is shown to be a man scared to even talk about the matter! Facts say that the MEA at that time did do his bit and did talk to embassies for help!
  3. Screenplay Roadblocks : The movie starts with an item song showing the good life of Ranjit Katyal. Fair enough since the hero is a popular actor, but was it needed?! Also, the songs which keep playing intermittently just act as roadblocks in the not-so-long movie. Nimrat Kaur is a good actor but her character is merely reduced to a preachy wife ready to give monologues on her husband!
  4. Harsh on the Indian Ministry : It is a known fact how the Indian ministry did try a lot to get the countrymen out of Kuwait. The embassy personnel in Iraq has been shown in bad light when he actually did a lot to help the Indians stuck in Kuwait! No doubt the liberties are a must in movies, but why to spoil the name of the country in a false way, especially when the film is to be sccreened worldwide?!
  5. Where Was The Airlift ? : So the movie is titled Airlift. But where were the scenes depicting the planning, the executions of the same in the movie?! The flag hoisting scene at the Jordan airport looks a bad attempt at invoking patriotism which fails terribly.

Airlift has its heart at the right place. The intention to bring a majorly-unknown story is commendable, but the film does not do justice to the historical event.