The Accountant : What Do The Reviews Say?

Ben Affleck arrives on-screen this weekend in his latest thriller The Accountant. The story is about Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) who is a math savant with more affinity for numbers than people. Behind the cover of a small-town CPA office, he works as a freelance accountant for some of the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations. With the Treasury Department’s Crime Enforcement Division, run by Ray King (J.K. Simmons), starting to close in, Christian takes on a legitimate client: a state-of-the-art robotics company where an accounting clerk (Anna Kendrick) has discovered a discrepancy involving millions of dollars. But as Christian uncooks the books and gets closer to the truth, it is the body count that starts to rise.

Considering the recent track record of Ben Affleck (barring Batman v Superman), it is expected that this movie will be liked by most and will set the cash registers ringing. Let us see what the critics around the world have to say about this latest thriller.


1. The Accountant is laughable, but when you’re not laughing at it, you’re laughing with it. It’s enjoyable enough. – NewYork Magazine (Thumbs Up)

2. The Accountant, which stars Mr. Affleck as a math savant/marksman/martial artist who uncooks books and kicks backsides, is an effective and even affecting pop thriller. – WallStreet Journal (Thumbs Up)

3. It’s like Iron Man, if Tony Stark had never stopped selling arms to the bad guys. – SanDiego Reader (Thumbs Down)

4. If you’re going to make the first mainstream movie about autism since “Rain Man,” maybe don’t feature an anti-hero who’s highly adept at shooting people in the head.- New York Post (Thumbs Down)

5. Watching Ben Affleck’s Christian Wolff make numbers do his bidding as he grapples with a world he isn’t completely at home in … is so entertaining it’s hard not to wonder if Warner Bros. has a sequel in the works. Wouldn’t be a bad idea. – Los Angeles Times (Thumbs Up)

6. Affleck makes passivity magnetic as he negotiates ever-shifting situations and dispatches foes with a ruthlessness James Bond would applaud – Toronto Star (Thumbs Up)

7. True to the profession it sets out to glamorize, “The Accountant” takes advantage of its share of creative loopholes – and manages to break even in the process – Washington Post (Thumbs Up)

8. “The Accountant” is all over the place. It’s an odd, thickly plotted, two-faced action movie. – Chicago Tribune (Thumbs Up)

9. Taken on its own, “The Accountant” works its way from a state of enjoyable popcorn suspense to a pitch of absolutely preposterous – but still pretty enjoyable – nonsense. – Boston Globe (Thumbs Up)

10. At various times, The Accountant aspires to a slick corporate-espionage thriller, a no-nonsense action flick, a tortured family drama, a quirky romantic comedy, and an earnest PSA about autism. At nearly all times, it’s preposterous. – AV Club (Thumbs Down)

11. Who knows why Mr. Affleck, looking appropriately dead-eyed and miserable, committed himself to this laborious ultraviolent brain tease of a crime thriller. – New York Times (Thumbs Down)

12. Madness abounds in The Accountant, an intense, intricate, darkly amusing and action-infused thriller that doesn’t always add up but who cares, it’s BIG FUN. – Chicago Sun-Times (Thumbs Up)

13. “What is this?” shrieks this film’s villain (John Lithgow, bringing on the full, hammy Lithgowness) at an unfortunate moment in the laughably bad The Accountant . You’ll know exactly how he feels. – Time Out (Thumbs Down)

14. Ben Affleck plays an ass-kicking autistic man who travels the globe under a series of aliases and performs elite maths for some of the world’s most dangerous people – this is a real thing starring real people and made with real money. – indieWIRE (Thumbs Down)

15. A convoluted potboiler that dares you either to engage or to laugh at it. Engagement turns out to be easier than you might imagine. – TheWrap (Thumbs Up)

16. By the time push comes to kill, the ingenuity – or perhaps it’s just cleverness – of the central concept has been reduced and abandoned for the sake of generic action moves. – Hollywood Reporter (Thumbs Down)

17. O’Connor demonstrates the right way to handle such material, elevating what is essentially an exploitation movie into a zen character study, one that takes its pound-of-flesh antihero seriously. – Variety (Thumbs Up)

18. Where The Accountant really succeeds is exploring the emotions and coping mechanisms of a protagonist on the autism spectrum, plot points not often seen in the macho action genre. – USA Today (Thumbs Up)

19. The whole thing’s ludicrous, down to the last loony twist, but it’s also a lot more fun than Batman v Superman. – Entertainment Weekly (Thumbs Down)

The Accountant has got mixed reviews from the critics. Still the movie should be a profitable R-rated film in my opinion. Agree?