Badhaai Ho – Congratulations, Have we come of Age?

Badhaai Ho happens to be the second venture from Film Maker Amit Ravindernath Sharma after the lackluster Tevar

He is aided in his vision by an alarmingly refreshing story penned by Shanatanu Srivastava, Akshat Ghildial and Jyoti Kapoor

The Story focuses on a middle-aged couple played by Gajraj Rao and Neena Gupta who end up reaching the verge of parent hood AGAIN

Now, here in begins the part where realization sets in first for the couple, then for their grown up sons and the Granny of the family

The entire drama that could have been seeped by heavy-duty treatment is made relatable by the use of Humor

The interactions taking place between the characters and their reactions are what evoke laughter

The awkwardness and quirkiness of the characters are exposed during these situations

The initial embarrassment by the Granny, the Sons and their callousness soon gives way to acceptance, understanding and an embrace of this new-found juncture in their lives

The story picks up pace just some time before the interval and manages to stay on track

So, what works for Badhaai Ho?

  • The Performances by the cast that does wonders in capturing the essence of Delhiites and getting the Meeruthian Twang in place
  • The Story by Srivastava, Ghildial and Kapoor that keeps us engaged right until the end
  • Sharma’s direction which does justice to the script and keeps a rein on use of drama
  • Music penned by the trio although not out standing is peppy enough and keeps us hooked

The most important trait of the story is how it addresses the stigmas existing in our society

With the use of razor-sharp dialogues, the hypocrisy of our society is ripped to shreds

Sikri, Rao, Khurrana etc. are utilized effectively in these sequences to relay a strong social message

Watch out for the sequence with Sikri, Gupta and Rao. Truly Out Standing!

  • Hats off to Khurrana for having a feel for the right subjects


Badhaai Ho is a Movie carrying a gutsy message at the core of its heart.

The Attempt in itself deserves a viewing at the Theaters

Please visit your nearest Cinema Screen along with your Family

We need more people to watch Badhaai Ho on a larger scale