“Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice” Receives an R-rating….but what is the catch?

Batman v Superman

Looks like its the season of R-rated superhero films!!! After the super-success of Deadpool, MPAA officially bestowed an R-rating on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — not the theatrical cut, mind you, but a home release version! So fans will be seeing the PG-13 version in theatres but for those waiting for the Blu-ray cut, will get a chance to witness the R-rated violent version. However, the R-rated Blu-ray will not see the light of day until late 2016 or maybe early 2017, when the film has completed its theatrical run and hits the home market, unless Warner decides to put the R-rated cut into theaters in advance of Suicide Squad’s release for a limited screening to build buzz and garner added attention, as well as promote the Blu-ray release too.

The big question which arises is why Batman v Superman would be capable of getting an R-rating in the first place. What scenes, what content, were created that cross that line? It seems certain the deciding factor in pushing the film from PG-13 to R territory was violence.