Thor: Ragnarok – Do We Have The BEST Marvel Movie of All Time?!

Thor has become one of the most important parts of the Marvel Movie Universe without a doubt. He is strong, he is funny, and he has a hammer which has probably become more famous than […]

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Fact or Fiction: Strange is always beautiful!

  Stranger than Fiction (2006) As the adage goes, Fact is supposed to be stranger than fiction. This is owing to the reason that fiction is supposed to stick to possibilities but truth isn’t! Today, […]

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Blade Runner 2049 : A Worthy Follow Up to a Cult Classic

Blade Runner 2049 is the kind of movie that comes along once in a while with all the perfect ingredients. This happens to be the brush stroke of an Auteur. After having been through development […]

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The Lunchbox (2013) : Why This Movie Could Have Got India That Elusive Oscar Glory!

With the arrival of Newton and the news surrounding it’s official entry to the Oscars, I thought of revisiting one of my earlier posts from 4 years ago regarding The Lunchbox which just about missed […]

Newton (2017) – Why India’s Official Entry to the Oscars is an Eye Opener!

Once in a while, there comes a movie that makes you sit up and take notice, think and warms the shackles of your heart. Newton happens to be one of them. I think this is […]

The 10 Best Superhero Movies of All Time Ranked!

Superhero movies are in vogue currently. They guarantee the big studios some easy money while entertain the viewers most times. The Marvel vs DC movie-war surely took shape sometime back, but you just cannot overlook […]

RECOMMENDATION: A Dark Song (2016) – Music to the eyes!

Having been an ardent fan of Horror movies and with the fortune of having witnessed 2 great horror movies this year, lo and behold I stumbled upon this smart little GEM of a movie! On […]

6 Best Movie Performances of 2017 (So Far)

We’re more than halfway through the year and though the summer blockbusters disappointed, 2017 has already seen its fair share of great movie performances. The majority of them have been more purely entertaining in contrast […]

All 16 Marvel Comics Universe Movies Ranked from Worst to Best!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will be turning 10-years-old soon. Since 2008, the universe has grown on a large scale and has made billions of dollars in the process of entertaining us. It is safe […]

Early Reviews of “Dunkirk”- Good or Great?!

The Nolan-spectacle is finally here! Releasing coming friday, Dunkirk is undoubtedly one of the biggest films of the year; mainly because of who is directing the war drama. Christopher Nolan has never disappointed us with […]