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Blade Runner 2049 : A Worthy Follow Up to a Cult Classic

Blade Runner 2049 is the kind of movie that comes along once in a while with all the perfect ingredients. This happens to be the brush stroke of an Auteur. After having been through development […]

The 10 Best Superhero Movies of All Time Ranked!

Superhero movies are in vogue currently. They guarantee the big studios some easy money while entertain the viewers most times. The Marvel vs DC movie-war surely took shape sometime back, but you just cannot overlook […]

RECOMMENDATION: A Dark Song (2016) – Music to the eyes!

Having been an ardent fan of Horror movies and with the fortune of having witnessed 2 great horror movies this year, lo and behold I stumbled upon this smart little GEM of a movie! On […]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8: Multiple Endings to be Filmed to Prevent Leaks !

There is no doubt that HBO were affected by the string of script leaks which happened last year, revealing a chunk of the story of Season 7 of arguably the BIGGEST show on earth, Game […]

10 Films Which Define The “Neo-noir” Genre

We hear a lot about a genre of movies called neo-noir…So what is it?! Well sources on google define neo–noir (English: New-black; from the Greek neo, new; and the French noir, black) is a style often […]

Why “Baby Driver” Can Be One of the Best Films of 2017!

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The 24 Movies Directed by Martin Scorsese Ranked From Worst to the Best

It would be safe to say that Martin Scorsese is one of the most celebrated directors of all time, on a worldwide scale. He has that brutal style which is mostly uninhibited, which gives his […]

Early Reviews of “Wonder Woman” – Good or Bad?!

Finally the big DC movie is here! Wonder Woman, starring the charming and fierce Gal Gadot as the superhero in this Warner Bros. production adapted from the long-running DC Comics series. Though Batman V Superman was […]

7 Best Movies by the legendary film-maker Park chan-wook!

Park Chan-wook is undoubtedly my favourite Asian director, on par with another legend Akira Kurosawa. Chan-wook has always delved into human philosophies and the dark side of our soul in the most brutal of ways. […]

The 10 Lowest Grossing Films Of All Time!

Some are flops at the box-office, some disasters and some films make money not even enough to….well…buy peanuts! Here are 10 of the lowest grossing films of all time! (Don’t blame yourself if you haven’t […]