Christopher Nolan Films : Ranked From Worst To Best!

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan turns 46 years old on 30th July and what better way to celebrate the celebrated filmmaker’s birthday than to have a glimpse at his filmography. Now its a daunting task to rank them because in his career spanning 9 films, he hasn’t made even a single panned one! Anyway, here is my ranking of Nolan films, from worst to best (doesn’t mean i disliked any film of his!)

9. Insomnia (2002)


The movie is sadly one of the least remembered or talked about film of Nolan’s filmography. The film is not at all bad, the mystery is good and there are some memorable moments along with a stellar cast including Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank. Insomnia has the atmospheric zing but the film doesn’t have that extra-intelligent twist or seriousness for which Nolan films are probably remembered.


8. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


The last film of the Batman trilogy, hopes were high from Nolan to supersede his masterpiece The Dark Knight. TDKR did not falter, but it still was a step down from TDK. There were many glaring liberties taken by Nolan surprisingly, and though Tom Hardy was great as Bane, Christian Bale made it evident that he was actually bored with the Batman thing. A good action packed climax to a great trilogy nevertheless!


7. Following (1998):


Made on a shoe-string budget and in blank-n-white, this film showed the mystery twist element for what Nolan will be known in the years to follow this. The non-linear narrative was perfect and the end twist added the cherry on the cake. The cast was ok, but an effective 69 minute thriller which needs to be watched.


6. Batman Begins (2005)


Christopher Nolan helmed the Batman series with panache and this was the start of it all. The movie was more about Christian Bale the actor though. Bale was outstanding, but this movie proved what a strong story teller Nolan is, be it any genre. The movie was about a superhero, but with a more humane touch. A great start to an unforgettable trilogy!


5. Interstellar (2014)


The last Nolan movie to release, this stirred so much debate worldwide and for the right reasons.Beneath all the 5th dimension talk, Interstellar delves more into love, relationships and family than the usual thrill and twist element. The drawback i found in this otherwise great film was the rushed ending, especially when the “formula” is solved, it all seemed sloppy from a seasoned screenplay writer. Still, kudos to Nolan for making something we can only imagine in our dreams.


4. The Prestige (2006)


This movie was magic, in the true literal sense! The story of two magicians, played brilliantly by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale is not as emotionally stirring as Interstellar but does make for a sentimental viewing. The mystery is stunning and as it unfolds, you are led to a convulated but satisfying conclusion. And yes, the power of non-linear narrative was evident again.


3. Inception (2010)


There was so much suspense regarding the story of the film before its release and after it did come to theatres, it created a worlwide buzz thanks to its out-of-the-box story and a screenplay which seemed unbelievable! Undoubtedly Nolan’s best movie on the technical front, this was another brainwrecking marvel which took us by storm. The end was open which was another masterstroke. And yes, DiCaprio‘s casting was an ace too! Action-packed with stunning visuals and music, Inception is poetry in motion!


2.  The Dark Knight (2008)

The Late Heath Ledger as Joker in "The Dark Knight"
The Late Heath Ledger as Joker in “The Dark Knight”

The movie which redefined superhero flicks by leaps and bounds and gave us a villain who is still cherished after years of this movie’s release! The Dark Knight is dark, smart, slick and made stunning thanks to the outstanding act by the anti-hero, Heath Ledger (RIP). The Joker is just mersmerising to say the least and this film is rewatched again and again for the words and the dark tone sustained throughout the film! Mindblowing stuff!


1.Memento (2000)


Memento is not just a movie, it is an experience. This movie starts from the climax, every scene starts from the conclusion of that scene in this nerve-wrecking thrilling masterpiece. This movie proves why Nolan is probably the best screenplay writer of his era by miles. A non-linear narrative which seemed impossible to execute, this movie delivered on every front. Memento is very complex but for an avid movie lover like me, this is one film which can be watched again and again.