Early Reviews of “The Conjuring 2” Are Here!!! What Is The Verdict??

Conjuring 2

The critic reviews have started pouring in for the must awaited sequel to the blockbuster horror sensation The Conjuring. Have a look at the early views from the world’s top critics and check out what they say:

  1. The ghost busters of The Conjuring 2 are scary good. – New York Daily News (Thumbs Up)
  2. Frightening rarely strikes twice in the same place, despite the efforts of so many horror sequels, but even if The Conjuring 2 doesn’t deliver the delightful jolts of its predecessor, it maintains a consistent chill throughout. – TheWrap (Thumbs Up)
  3. The streamlined elements of the first have now given way to mind-numbing clutter. – The Village Voice (Thumbs Down)
  4. There are some solid scares (Wan is too gifted in the dark art of gotcha manipulation to not make you leap a few times), but there’s nothing on par with the first film’s brilliant hide-and-clap scene with Lili Taylor. – Entertainment Weekly (Thumbs Up)
  5. Wan has a gift that most slam-bang horror directors today do not: a sense of the audience – of their rhythm and pulse, of how to manipulate a moment so that he’s practically controlling your breathing. – Variety (Thumbs Up)
  6. After ‘Insidious’ and ‘The Conjuring’, James Wan has his method down. – TimeOut (Thumbs Up)
  7. a series of expertly managed frights in which Wan shows off his skills – and repeatedly wrongfoots the viewer – in a variety of horror modes, from ghost motifs to exorcism tropes, and from Babadook-style mind monsters to vicious demons. – SciFi Now (Thumbs Up)
  8. Hidden somewhere in the murky shadows of The Conjuring 2 is an utterly terrifying 90-minute horror movie that doesn’t waste time on repetition, doubts, sidebar stories, or long conversations – The Verge (Thumbs Down)
  9. Those after a great, dark story will be impressed, seeing Wan once again deliver truly eerie scenes without the use of cheap tactics. International Business Times (Thumbs Up)
  10. Lacking some of the simplicity and elegance of the first installment, “The Conjuring 2” is nonetheless a smoothly efficient horror movie, building to a powerhouse finale rooted in our emotional connection to the film’s well-drawn main characters. – Screen International (Thumbs Up)
  11. Between the fantastic talent of and chemistry between Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, and the vision of James Wan, The Conjuring 2 demonstrates incredible potential for the emerging franchise. – CinemaBlend (Thumbs Up)
  12. The Conjuring 2 goes by extremely quickly for such a long film and is scarier than the first. – UpRoxx (Thumbs Up)

So, going by the early reviews, the scares are there and according to some, even more than the original!! The Conjuring 2 releases on June 10th .