Early Reviews of “Dunkirk”- Good or Great?!

The Nolan-spectacle is finally here! Releasing coming friday, Dunkirk is undoubtedly one of the biggest films of the year; mainly because of who is directing the war drama. Christopher Nolan has never disappointed us with his different films and all are expecting the same with this one. The World War II thriller is about the evacuation of Allied troops from the French city of Dunkirk before Nazi forces can take hold. Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance co-star, with longtime Nolan collaborator Hans Zimmer providing the score.

Reviews have started pouring in and obviously there is no surprise that they are good. But are they just good or, well, excellent!?

1. No war film you’ve seen before – from Das Boot to Saving Private Ryan to The Thin Red Line – comes close to what Nolan has created here. – South China Morning Post (Thumbs up)

2. Nolan has crafted a tight, gripping, deeply involving and unforgettable film that ranks about the best war movies of the decade. – Chicago Sun Times (Thumbs up)

3. Even as we are left exhausted and stunned by what we’ve watched, there is an underlying lack of emotional connection that leaves the film as chilly as Nolan’s detractors have accused his other pictures of being. – Den of Geek (Thumbs up)

4. Clocking in at only 107 minutes long, Dunkirk is tightly paced, and end-to-end it is furnished with stunning sequences that leave you holding your breath. – Cinemablend (Thumbs up)

5. Sensational in every sense of the word; it aims for both the heart and the head, to be sure, but arrives there via the central nervous system – TheWrap (Thumbs up)

6. Dunkirk wants us to sense what made this moment so pivotal without reducing it to an individual tale. And at that, it succeeds richly. – VOX (Thumbs up)

7. From script level, which pilots three time frames and strafes his own fiction onto the reality of the Allied evacuation of June 1940, to its astonishing technical prowess, this is heart-stopping entertainment. – Screen International (Thumbs up)


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8. In spite of my want for deeper or more oblique notes in it, Dunkirk is an unbelievably assured and thrilling war film. Nolan is at the top of his game, and what a joy it is to watch him construct such grand scale filmmaking. – Independent (UK) (Thumbs up)

9. Dunkirk may be [Nolan’s] first historically based fiction, but it’s his latest in a long line of survival puzzles, designed to thrill and to provoke the response moviemakers of all kinds have been after for more than a century: whew! Followed by: wow. – Chicago Tribune (Thumbs up)

10. This is a film without heroes or a straightforward story. The action is the attraction. If that means some of the film feels a little distant and chilly, it’s in the admirable service of avoiding simplistic drama. – Time Out (Thumbs up)

11. Christopher Nolan’s astonishing new film, a retelling of the Allied evacuation of occupied France in 1940, is a work of heart-hammering intensity and grandeur that demands to be seen on the best and biggest screen within reach. – Daily Telegraph (Thumbs up)

12. Effectively one enormous, stunningly rendered and thunderously intense set-piece stretched to feature-length, Dunkirk thrusts you into a pressure cooker and slams the lid on. – Empire Magazine (Thumbs up)

13. The nerve-racking war thriller Dunkirk is the movie Christopher Nolan’s entire career has been building up to, in ways that even he may not have realized. – Village Voice (Thumbs up)

14. Nolan eschews war porn for a powerful and superbly crafted disaster movie – starring Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy and a decent Harry Styles – with a story to tell. Nolan’s best film till date! – Guardian (Thumbs up)

15. Nolan’s feat is undeniable: He’s made an immersive war movie that celebrates the good of mankind while also making it clear that no victory is without sacrifice. – USA Today (Thumbs up)


The reviews are magical with many saying Dunkirk is Nolan’s best work till date! Anyways, reviews aside, we were always going to watch the war spectacle!