Early Reviews of “Inferno” : What Do The Critics Say?

One of the big budget star studded book adaptations is releasing this weekend! Based on the best seller by Dan Brown, Inferno stars Tom Hanks (riding high on the huge success of Sully), Felicity Jones and Irrfan Khan. The marketing has been stupendous so a big opening is a surety. The best critics in the world have started posting their rviews, let us see what they have to say about the upcoming thriller.


1. I kept hoping a Wayans brother would pop in and signal it was all one big genre parody, and when you’re fervently wishing for a Wayans, you know you’re in trouble. – TheWrap (Thumbs Down)

2. Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones sprint fetchingly round Florence in a bid to stop half the world getting killed in this horrifically dull Dan Brown thriller. – The Guardian (Thumbs Down)

3. A film with a minimum of the entertainment factor necessary to justify its existence and nothing else. – EscribiendoCine [Spain] (Thumbs Down)

4. Not as bad as the ‘Da Vinci Code’, but is not even entertaining. – Blog de Cine (Thumbs Down)

5. Fundamentally silly the film may be, but it never graduates to spryness. – Variety (Thumbs Down)

6. Arguably the best in the franchise so far. – Hollywood Reporter (Thumbs Up)

7. Our not-desperately-dynamic duo trundle from one European gallery to another, sharing easily digestible info-nuggets about Dante. – TimeOut (Thumbs Down)

8. This film very much remains in the same universe as what preceded it, on a similar level, both in terms of quality and tonally, to both of Langdon’s previous two big screen outings. – HeyUGuys (Thumbs Down)

9. Efficiently made,, this third film in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code franchise is filled with plot twists and surprises, always relying on the solid central presence of Tom Hanks, whose credibility and vulnerability is an asset to any film – UrbanCinefile (Thumbs Up)

10. Robert Langdon’s had a haircut but the third instalment in his film saga is just as shaggy as The Da Vinci Code… Donald Trump might call these flicks “low energy” and fact-checkers would have to give him the tick. – Student Edge (Thumbs Down)

11. It’s not the worst of the trilogy, but this is less for fans of thrillers and more for people who are pining after last year’s holiday to Florence. – Empire Magazine (Thumbs Down)

12. Howard keeps the viewer constantly occupied, Felicity Jones is an engaging sidekick, and there’s clearly a lot more mileage left for Tom Hanks in this franchise’s tank – Screen International (Thumbs Up)

Seeing most of the reviews, it seems the critics are not that impressed with Inferno. Are you surprised?!

Tom Hanks reprises his role as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon in director Ron Howard and screenwriter David Koepp’s adaptation of author Dan Brown’s bestselling novel Inferno, which finds Langdon using Dante’s The Divine Comedy as a tool in the race to prevent a devastating global pandemic. Inferno opens in many parts of the world on October 14 while in US on October 28.