Early Reviews of “Jason Bourne” : What Do They Say?


The reviews of the much awaited sequel to the Bourne series have started pouring in. Lets have a look at what the top critics of the world have to say about the upcoming action thriller.

  1. The film is like Jason Bourne fan fiction in how much it completely reworks things we’ve seen before, only with a few more years of cyberterrorism buzzwords to give viewers the illusion of not just depth but a plot. – Rogerebert.com (Thumbs Down)
  2. It’s the opposite of exciting. It’s the visual equivalent of white noise, and if you’re not careful, you might fall asleep. – San Francisco Chronicle (Thumbs Down)
  3. Rather than push this character or story forward, the film cravenly hits the reset button, doing more of the same with much less passion and skill. – AV Club (Thumbs Down)
  4. The movie gets lost in its focus on flash and speed, and forgets about the man – and the fine, quiet actor – at its center. – Seattle Times (Thumbs Down)
  5. Damon, his eternal boyishness finally settling into the inevitability of middle age, brings the personal touch this movie needs. Its action is generic, but he’s always special. – TIME Magazine (Thumbs Up)
  6. The thrill isn’t entirely gone. It’s just a little more subdued. – New York Times (Thumbs Up)
  7. Jason Bourne may underwhelm those lusting for another Ultimatum or Supremacy. They’ll probably wish for more of those movies’ neck-snapping, action-movie insanity.- DFW.com (Thumbs Up)
  8. A by-the-numbers action film that’s not nearly as strong as its Damon-led predecessors.- USA Today (Thumbs Down)
  9. Damon and Greengrass ably right the ship, delivering a Bourne film that looks and feels like the kind that we’ve always loved. – Tribune News Service (Thumbs Up)
  10. There’s a greatest-hits quality to the movie, only the band is tired and its heart isn’t in it.- Village Voice (Thumbs Down)
  11. Technically and logistically, Greengrass delivers everything you expect from him; there’s no one better when it comes to staging complex, chaotic action amid the real life of big cities.- Hollywood Reporter (Thumbs Up)
  12. Jason Bourne has already given us a hero who transcends two dimensions. We just need to know more about what he’s fighting for. – Entertainment Weekly (Thumbs Up)
  13. Just as the initial Damon-driven trilogy wrapped up Bourne’s business but left us wanting more, this sequel offers closure even as it entices us with the possibility of his return. – Variety (Thumbs Up)
  14. This fourth entry after a nine-year break for Damon and Greengrass should represent, for those ready and able to separate popcorn mayhem from the grim realities of world headlines, a bruising and exhilarating ride. – TheWrap (Thumbs Up)

The early reviews of Jason Bourne are mixed which is one step down from the previous installments featuring Matt Damon which were highly acclaimed. Lets see how the audience react to the new thriller, releasing July 29th worlwide.