Empathy, Inc.

Empathy, Inc. is a 2018 American science fiction thriller film directed by Yedidya Gorsetman, written by Mark Leidner, and produced by Josh Itzkowitz, starring Zack Robidas, Kathy Searle, and Jay Klaitz.

It premiered at Cinepocalypse on June 24, 2018, and was released theatrically on September 6, 2019.

Empathy, Inc. fuses surprising yet thrilling elements while it plays with the Sci-Fi Genre

Zack Robidas stars as Joel, an investor in the wake of a highly publicized scandal, due to a startup gone belly-up.

Wife Jessica (Kathy Searle) stands by his side as he’s defamed, and together they relocate to her parents’ east coast home.

Jessica’s father and mother waste no time in getting up in Joel’s business, rather condescendingly telling him how he needs to rectify things.

Joel takes off for a drink that night, and he encounters old acquaintance Nick (Eric Berryman), who tells of a VR startup he’s developing with partner Lester (Jay Klaitz).

Joel gets hooked when he discovers the VR technology will allow users to get immersed in the lives of the less fortunate

The lines above pretty much sum up the Premise

So, does it WORK? Let’s Find Out

  • A Premise that seems scary by Thought Definitely does!
  • Yedidya Gorsetman maximizes Mark Leidner’s Script to it’s Fullest
  • He brings us face to face with something that appears path breaking
  • Once you are sold on the premise, he flips the tables bringing the horror out front
  • From here on, the narrative latches you on to the fact that Appearances are Deceptive
  • Gorsetman keeps a tight rein on the proceedings
  • The Horror of Technology is revealed just when the 2nd Act is about to end
  • This allows you to absorb all the screen time that has led up to this moment
  • From here on, the Final Act never let’s go
  • The Climax Sequence lays out all the puzzle pieces neatly into place
  • The Last Sequence is almost Metaphorical and plays upon the Protagonist’s Desire from the initial frames

Anything that doesn’t work?

  • There is hardly any bit that jars throughout the length of this 97 minute Thriller
  • What Stands Out?
  • The Cinematography by Darin Quan captures the essence of technology via Old School Style(B&W)
  • Quan pays Homage to all Classic Thrillers we have grown up on so far with this ruse
  • The Soundtrack by Omni Anghel is another highlight for Empathy, Inc. and gives it a contemporary techno feel
  • The Performances by the Lead Couple are restrained and allow them to add deft touches to certain sequences
  • The Premise, It’s Execution and all the ironies associated are reflected dexterously

The Verdict?

Empathy, Inc. without a doubt is the finest Indie Thrillers to have been out this year

It deserves to be seen , shared and applauded

The Concept, It’s Execution and the Horrors attached to it is worth our time

Please show case Empathy towards this Empathy, Inc., Why?

To Quote a single term from the movie: You get Perspective!


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