*EXCLUSIVE* Trailer Watch: The Real “Jason Bourne” Is Back To Kick Some Ass!


The real Jason Bourne is back and he is ready to kick some ass! Matt Damon reprises the role of Jason Bourne in the next installment of the acclaimed franchise! Have a look at the exclusive trailer below!

The new trailer shows Matt Damon out in the desert delivering a one-hit knockout punch as part of what appears to be a bare-knuckle fight club, before working his way back to bed in a sweaty room and reminiscing about his murky past. Thanks to the events of the previous Bourne trilogy, the ex-secret agent has his memory back, but as Julia Stiles says in the new clip, “remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.” It is directed by the acclaimed director Paul Greengrass and releases July 29th ! Gung-ho!