Game Night – Nights like these aren’t all games and fun!

Game Night is directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, who made their debut with the commercially successful yet critically panned Vacation.

This time they direct a black comedy based on a script by Mark Perez which follows a group of friends whose game night turns into a real life murder mystery.

It is a pleasant surprise when you walk into theaters expecting a run of the mill comedy, however you walk out entertained by the smartness you have witnessed on screen

The story by Mark Perez is razor sharp, crisp and filled with witty one liners and brims with an abundance of references to popular culture

The script which is ladled with unexpected scenarios and leads us from one premise to the other does so with aplomb without letting us off the hook

At the same time, the talented cast makes optimal use of the screen time and the dialogues thereby delivering in every situation they are stuck in

Every character out here is effective in it’s own way and keep adding to the fun on screen while they are performing

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdam’s lead this cast with a terrific chemistry that sizzles

The rest of the cast also simmers whilst stuck in awkward situations and provide some insane laugh out loud moments for the audience

The best aspect of this script is that it takes familiar movie cliches and turns the stereo types thereby leaving us anticipating the unknown

I would like to make note of the commendable job done by the Director Duo of keeping a tight rein on the proceedings on screen

Their restraint ensures that not even for a moment do they lose grip of the narrative

The Anti-Climax at the end once again goes against familiar tropes and destroys our conventions of predictability

There are certain scenes which are shot with dexterity and pay homage to The Grand Budapest Hotel and other works of Wes Anderson

The cinematography, music score and action set pieces are first rate and add to the overall nifty editing done by Jamie Gross, Gregory Plotkin and David Egan

Overall, this one is a Complete Thrill Ride that deserves to be seen on the Silver Screen

P.S: A Special Mention goes out to Michael C Hall(of Dexter fame) for a hilarious cameo that is rewarding while it lasts

Witnessing this Game Night, than an actual one will definitely be rewarding