Game Over

Game Over is a 2019 Indian TamilTelugu bilingual thriller film written by Ashwin Saravanan and Kaavya Ramkumar and directed by Ashwin Saravanan. The film stars Taapsee Pannu as a person on a wheelchair, who is defending her home from a mysterious entity.

The film is produced jointly by Y NOT Studios and Reliance Entertainment and presented by Anurag Kashyap. The music is composed by Ron Ethan Yohann.

Anurag Kashyap as is the wont, chooses to present this bilingual thriller dubbed in Hindi for our audiences

A Bindaas Actor, an off the top premise, a promising Director from the South and the backing of our own Indie Film Maker, so does it Deliver?

Let’s find out!(No Spoilers Ahead, I swear)

The story begins with a grisly murder giving us an inkling of what’s to come

However, a few reels later we are introduced to Taapsee(Sapna) in the role of a Game Designer who remains confined indoors(owing to a trauma from an incident that occurred a year earlier)

We also come face to face with her fears; namely Nyctophobia which is the after effect of the incident that occurred

Thus the scenes that follow show us her fears, her demons, her struggles and her attempts to return to Normalcy

All of this also involves a Tattoo, Ash, Disclosure, Reconciliation etc and some more

Now, up until here let us just agree all of that’s explained above is pretty standard for any thriller

However, post Game On(I meant the Intermission) the movie quickly changes gears and goes full throttle on the thrill quotient

The Director amps up the proceedings and now switches mode to a Home Invasion narrative

At the same time, a unique ruse Saravanan chooses to induct as a plot point is to give us a Final Act that plays like a Video Game

So, does Sapna survive the Video Game? Does she make it past the Final Act?

For all these questions and more, please go watch this one in the theaters


  • The 1st Half that works in a conventional manner
  • The Pacing that tends to slow down our initial Interest


  • The Opening Sequence: Truly a treat to witness!
  • The Set up of the Premise: Rather conventional, however smart writing that sets up everything for the Finale
  • The 2nd Half: Pretty much grips you and never let’s go
  • The Back ground Score by Ron Ethan Yohann: Complements the proceedings and adds to the dread and terror
  • The Cinematography by A Vasanth spares no expense in order to make us part of the phobia on screen
  • The Finale works in ways unknown, leaving us open to interpretation in a truly wonderful way
  • The Intermission point chooses to tip you over to Post Interval proceedings you never saw coming
  • The Script though not tightly knit still works wonders
  • The Performances by the overall cast is to the mark

A special mention goes to Vinodhini Vaidyanathan(Kalamma) as the house help does a splendid turn 

  • She tends to complement Taapsee in most of the sequences

The Icing on the Cake is Taapsee without a doubt

  • She lends the required gravitas, ethos, despair, dread and terror for some one who underwent a tragedy and now has to live through it again
  • We truly have to complement this new age Doyen who tends to be picking up smart scripts with every outing

To wrap up this post would not be possible without speaking about Ashwin Saravanan.

  • He has created one of the most refreshing Psycho Thrillers of recent times which will be spoken about for:

It’s Uncanny Premise, Innovative Narration and some On the Point Performances

I request each and every one to please visit Game Over in the theaters while it’s still playing

No matter, the Articles, Kabir’s, Bharat’s or Annabelle’s around us we still need such Smartly Made Movies to keep us hopeful about the Fate of Indian Cinema


Game Over