Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Best in the Franchise?

Mission: Impossible – Fallout happens to be the sixth installment in the Mission: Impossible series which has been written, produced and directed by Christopher McQuarrie

McQuarrie happens to be the only director who has returned to this franchise to direct another installment in the series which definitely is a good sign

Rogue Nation helmed by him was a boost to this franchise which almost seemed dead after Ghost Protocol but now with this one we can heave a sigh of relief

The cast includes Cruise, Rhames, Pegg, Ferguson, Harris, Monaghan and Baldwin all of whom reprise their roles from previous films along with Cavill and Bassett who join the franchise.

In the film, Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and his team must track down stolen plutonium while being monitored by a CIA agent (Cavill) after a mission goes awry

The statement above is the plot in a nutshell, however what improves this one is the way this one liner plot has been executed

Mission: Impossible – Fallout improves upon it’s predecessors by taking the story forward in terms of character  and story development and how the action takes the story ahead

The overall narrative keeps springing neat twists and turns at appropriate intervals which keeps us hooked to the proceedings and that acts as the setup for the great action set pieces

The Action Set Pieces are the central attraction and what completes any installment in this franchise

Now, Mission: Impossible – Fallout tops the charts and I can safely say that this is the best action film to have emerged in this franchise

The sole reason for this one beating the previous installments is only because of 1 person: Tom Cruise

This son of a gun at the age of 56 still gives a run for their money to others out there as he breathes life in every action set piece

Even the others involved in those sequences tend to pale in comparison when Cruise is out there going out on his limb to enthrall audiences

The supporting cast is exemplary in playing their roles and tend to add depth and dimension to the story

Ferguson, Rhames, Pegg, Bassett, Baldwin and Kirby make stellar contributions on their way to adding depth and dimension to the story

The Action Set pieces are a treat for the eyes specially the HALO drop from the Airplane

The fight sequence reminded me of Raid and Raid 2 however was too short

I wish it could have played a bit longer

I would like to pay special mention to 2 Actors apart from Cruise:

  • Harris for essaying the role of Solomon Lane picks up just where he left off in Rogue Nation and keeps adding eeriness to his role of an anarchist out to destroy the world
  • Cavill for playing a strong yet calculative antagonist who has the capacity to match Hunt at every step of the way

However, this spectacle of a movie is treat because of one reason: Tom Cruise

This Actor just looks to give the audiences their money’s worth

The Cost of giving the worth to his audiences could also come at the cost of his life

But, I guess this quest for making it look real is what drives Cruise to give us a Quality Product

For this very reason, I recommend every one should watch this one on an IMAX screen

After all, it’s not every day that an actor plays with his life to give us our money’s worth

P.S: I apologize to all my friends for putting out this post almost 3 weeks after the release of this installment

I hope if you haven’t seen it, you shall head to an IMAX screen soon for Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Mission: Impossible - Fallout