*NO Spoilers* Exclusive Reviews of The Epic Season 6 Opener of “Game Of Thrones”!


Finally, after all the hype and the curiosity, the season opener of the greatest TV series on earth (?) came by today and i should say, personally it lived up to the expectations! Hoping that not all of you have watched the episode yet, this post strictly has NO SPOILERS! Here is a collection of reviews from all the top critics of the world. So what do they have to say about the new episode of Game Of Thrones?!

  1. This is classic Game Of Thrones, dueling strategies and dire odds, and it’s a delight precisely because it doesn’t skip any steps. It lies in the bed it made. –  AV Club (Thumbs up)
  2. “The Red Woman” is an all-out celebration of the idea that if your champion is dead, the only person who might be able to bring him back is a woman. – Vox (Thumbs up)
  3. For a show that’s always been about the balance of power, and the means people will go to in order to mass more power for themselves, we’re at a very interesting moment, where no one’s control is anywhere close to absolute. – HitFix (Thumbs up)
  4. It’s a new verse to the same old song… and there’s only so long Game of Thrones can rely on its bloody chorus to keep viewers tuning in. – Slant Magazine (Thumbs Down)
  5. Oh how we’ve missed your cruel, manipulative ways Game of Thrones. – Daily Telegraph (Thumbs up)
  6. “The Red Woman” was a decent opener to Game of Thrones Season 6. It didn’t answer the questions left up in the air after last year, but it has us set on what’s sure to be a crazy tale of revenge and I can’t wait to see how all of that plays out. – TV Fanatic (Thumbs up)
  7. “The Red Woman” welcomed fans back to Westeros smack in the middle of the deep end; make no doubt about it, winter is still coming, and things are – thankfully – as complicated as ever. – Common Sense Media (Thumbs up)
  8. Very little changed. Let’s hope next week brings some bolder moves.- RedEye (Thumbs Down)
  9. The long-awaited episode did more work tying up loose narrative threads than it did giving us new provocations.- TIME Magazine (Thumbs Down)
  10. This is the strongest opening episode of Game of Thrones. – Entertainment Weekly (Thumbs up)
  11. Not a high watermark for the show, but a solid opener that managed to touch upon just about every character in the ensemble (a markedly easier task these days now that the herd is so thin) and establish their starting points on this year’s chess board – IGN Movies (Thumbs up)
  12. While Sansa had the biggest crowd-pleasing moment of the premiere, the episode also features another jaw-dropper in its final moments. – Variety (Thumbs up)
  13. This was a strong, surprising return to Game of Thrones… I loved Brienne’s daring rescue of Sansa and Theon. Truly, this is what we needed from Game of Thrones. Some good bloody news!- Forbes (Thumbs up)
  14. A new dawn breaks on Game of Thrones, but it’s a spirit of mourning and mounting dread which grips everyone. – Wall Street Journal (Thumbs up)

Most critics have given a thumbs up, and i agree with the same! How did you find the episode?!