Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a 2019 comedy-drama film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Produced by Columbia PicturesBona Film GroupHeyday Films, and Visiona Romantica and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing

It is an international co-production between the United States and the United Kingdom.

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprioBrad PittMargot RobbieEmile HirschMargaret QualleyTimothy OlyphantAustin ButlerDakota FanningBruce Dern, and Al Pacino.

They are part of a large ensemble cast who star in “multiple story lines in a modern fairy tale tribute to the final moments of Hollywood‘s golden age.”

The film is set in 1969 Los Angeles, where a fictional aging television actor and his stunt double and longtime friend navigate the changing Hollywood film industry.

There, I have done it!

I have summed up a Tarantino movie in 2 paragraphs

So, rather than asking Does it Deliver? 

Let us change that a bit, Shall We?

Today, Let us ask in UNISON: HOW GOOD IS IT?

or Why is it SO GOOD?

  • The movie is a take on the cinema of yore, the era of the studios and the star power of the actors from that Era
  • At the same time, Tarantino makes it his own by giving us a Town, An Era, the Affluence he grew up on
  • He makes you believe he has crafted a Perfect Love Letter to Hollywood
  • The references are out here on full display, just spot them and relish
  • Every frame is crafted and mounted with elegance and aplomb
  • We can sense the immaculate crafting of the sequences
  • The hard work gone in creating all of that Era is pretty evident
  • At the same time, he weaves a screen play that is his most relaxed till date
  • Tarantino lets the plot unravel at an amazingly languid pace
  • The advantage of this ruse is that it allows us to fall in love with the proceedings
  • This works even when nothing is happening on screen
  • The Humor infused into the scenes is down right hilarious
  • At the same time, this effervescent humor is also ironical, metaphorical and alliterative
  • We just need to keep our eyes open to spot the display of satire
  • The Meta film trick works fabulously while the screen play is unfurling

Anything that is NOT GOOD?

  • If I say this, it will come off as Biased
  • This would be because of the fact that I am a Die-Hard Tarantino Fan
  • However, the reason I say this is because there is hardly anything to complain about
  • Ahh, well a minor quibble out here? Margot Robbie kind of feels wasted

Something that is even more GOOD?

  • The last 30 minutes are top notch
  • They kind of transition the pace without any hiccups
  • In a sense, the movie tends to jolt you out of the trip you have been on
  • It tends to do fan boy service for die hard fans
  • The sudden spurt of blood and violence is enough to get us excited
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood does this and more amazingly well
  • The creative liberties employed by Tarantino are truly superlative and memorable

The Performances?

  • The Performances from the entire cast(as I told earlier, Robbie excluded) are simply outlandish
  • The pick of the lot? Pitt and DiCaprio
  • These 2 sons of bitches still prove why they are the true quintessential Stars of Hollywood
  • DiCaprio truly out performs to show case an under performer
  • Some one who is down on luck and on his way out of Hollywood
  • The rage, intensity, shamelessness and struggles he displays in some scenes? Exquisite!
  • Brad Pitt has to be applauded for playing 2nd fiddle in the most sporting manner
  • He still makes it look effortless
  • Acts like a crackerjack and even pleases all the ladies by going Shirtless!
  • Boy oh Boy, the ladies are in for a treat!
  • He aces DiCaprio in certain scenes with such dexterity that you will be left Awestruck

So, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?

Should we or shouldn’t we?

Well, this Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is certainly worth viewing Once Upon a Time in a Theater!

Tarantino has made a Movie so relaxed and unlike any of his recent features that it needs to be seen on a Big Screen

Please visit your nearest Theater to take a trip down Memory Lane of how Once Upon a Time Hollywood was

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood