Oscars: Why Do The Trophies Look Like they Do?!

We have been seeing and relishing the world’s most coveted movie award, the OSCARS, from decades. Also, am sure many of us must be thinking just why and how the design of the OSCAR trophies are such?! Out of the various reasons and rumours hypothesized behind the design of the coveted award, one of them is the most famous and accepted one, which dates back to 1920s.

The Oscar trophy weighs 8 pounds and is made out of 24-karat gold. It may surprise you that the Oscar statue is rumored be modelled after a real man, and that real man’s name is in fact not Oscar.


Emilio Fernandez Oscar Model 15 Things You Never Knew About The Oscars

Though it has never been proven and confirmed, the statuette is widely believed to be modeled after Emilio “El Indio” Fernandez, a famous Mexican actor and director. Emilio lived in Hollywood during the 1920s and was primarily cast as an extra in movies looking for his big break. It has been rumoured that when Art Director Cedric Gibbons was designing the statuette for the Academy Awards,he asked Fernandez to be the model. As the story goes, Gibbon’s wife was friends with Fernandez and suggested to her husband that he use Fernandez as his male model.

Though similarities between the statue and Fernandez are certainly prevalent (the slim body and athletic build), there is also zero proof that the Mexican actor is the inspiration behind the Oscar. While some believe the story and others refute it, there’s no denying that Emilio Fernandez’s tale is part of Academy Awards history.

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