Project Karma: 3 Months and INR 35,000

Project Karma: This piece of Art was borne out of the minds of Parivesh Uniyal and Mudassir Mansuri

Two movie fanatics who are so consumed by their passion and fanaticism for Cinema

This short movie clocking in at 10 minutes and 21 seconds was made on a budget of Rs 35,000 in a span of 3 months.

The tale revolves around a guy Vicky and his interaction with a new tenant in the building society

This story is narrated from Vicky’s POV who encounters Bhushan, the new tenant and a garbage bag only visible to him


What happens next is something you would want to discover by watching this short

Considering, this short movie was made by me and my friend, I will not go so far as to reveal any spoilers out here

Although, I would just want to talk about the experience of what we went through while making this one

Since the time me and my co-director became friends and discovered our mutual love for Cinema, we had been contemplating working on a movie on our own

The beauty of my Co-Director is that he is an Amazing Writer and he has been the genesis for quite a few splendid and dark concepts that he has bounced off me(I happen to be his favorite story board)

I and he work in a beautiful yet twisted synchronization as I understand the tone of his concepts and am able to translate them into a screen play keeping the essence of his stories intact

After a good 3 years interacting together, we finally found common ground on this concept as it was feasible from a budgetary constraint, we found actors willing to work hard and work without the demand for money AND the most important aspect was that we could finish it off in a given deadline

Alas, the beauty of film making also stems from the fact, that when you’re passionate about this ART you will forego dead lines, you will extend beyond schedules, you will keep working till you drop dead BUT you will NOT REST till you have the PERFECT SHOT canned

The passion, the fire that we all exuded while working on Project Karma allowed us to do all of the above in our QUEST for delivering upon a PRODUCT that would be well worth the money and time spent along with the BLOOD and SWEAT we spent shooting this Short Horror

We begun with Project Karma in July 2012 and finally wrapped up by September 2012 and after almost a month of Post Production, the movie was published on You Tube

The words of appreciation that we received were beyond our wildest dreams and till date, we still keep getting appreciated from people who still watch this Short

Hence, I thought of re-visiting Project Karma 5 years after I Co-directed this one along with my Dear Friend and I hope you all will take 10 minutes out of your busy schedules to watch this piece of Art and appreciate it

If you like it, I urge you to please share it with your friends and family and spread this one around

But if you don’t like it, please share feedback on what could have been better and what wasn’t

We will remember the feedback provided as it will help us to improve upon when we set out to make our first FULL LENGTH FEATURE