RECOMMENDATION: A Dark Song (2016) – Music to the eyes!

Having been an ardent fan of Horror movies and with the fortune of having witnessed 2 great horror movies this year, lo and behold I stumbled upon this smart little GEM of a movie!

On the insistence of a dear friend with a limited YET smart taste in movies, I was impelled to take time out to watch this piece of ART.

This 2016 movie marks the directorial debut of Irish movie maker Liam Gavin who happened to chance upon this idea from a documentary based on a seance.

The story centers around a young woman(Sophia, played by Catherine Walker) who hires a damaged occultist(Joseph Solomon, played by Steve Oram) to perform a ritual in order to contact her dead son while locked up in a house for months on end.

Though the plot may sound trivial, the aura lies here in the EXECUTION!

Liam Gavin treats a plot that may sound mundane on paper, but while being executed for the screen creates visuals STRONG enough that will leave an imprint on your mind.

This is an apt example of how horror ought to affect us as movie going audiences.

The beauty of horror lies in creating TERROR from what is UNSEEN rather than what is SEEN!

At the same time, the events that start leading us up to the seance also show case a rather complex relation being built between Sophia and Joseph as protegé and mentor respectively.

The Mentor makes no bones about his contempt towards the protegé when untruths are revealed, when orders are disobeyed and when questions are raised concerning his knowledge.

The scenes involving the séance, the rituals and the build up to those rituals are painstakingly created and we get to witness first hand on what goes on behind the build up of such rituals

It is made convincing all the more due to the Performances from the Lead Pair!

Both Oram and Walker essay their roles with conviction and give us enough reasons to root for both of them despite their short comings, their selfish needs, their demons and their frailties

I would like to raise a point out here; this is the kind of Horror that needs to be seen over and over again to understand the themes of loss, pain, regret and forgiveness being touched upon

Also, at the same time Audiences would like to understand the fact that the Horror Genre is mostly abused and misused and is not always about JUMP SCARES or CHEAP THRILLS!

Liam Gavin seriously needs to be applauded for having created a movie that might not be A MASTERPIECE but nonetheless, is AN ABSOLUTELY WELL MADE PRODUCT!

Not for a moment, does he insult our INTELLIGENCE and treats us with scenes that show case the DREAD, TERROR and DILEMMA of having to deal with FORCES that cannot be seen however can only be FELT, HEARD, EXPERIENCED or SENSED!

The Cinematography and the Music by Cathal Watters and Ray Harmon respectively add to the overall effect of this movie and give us beautifully crafted scenes and some really soul piercing back ground score.

This is what I call a perfect SYNCHRONIZATION of  A Visual and Aural masterpiece being created by the deft brush strokes of Gavin’s Direction!

Hats off for having created a Horror Movie that stays with you long after it’s over, Mr Gavin has surely made us sit up and take notice!

Please grab a Blu-Ray of this one as soon as you can and witness Horror the way it ought to be made.

P.S: This is the second movie that my friend’s referred to me and I have ended up writing about it!