Sanju: One Man, Many Lives

Sanju is the fifth feature film effort coming from Rajkumar Hirani which is supposedly a biopic based on the life and times of one of the most notorious film stars of recent times

Hirani along with long time collaborator Abhijat Joshi extracts a script out of anecdotal information he attained from Sanjay Dutt and found the material intriguing enough for celluloid

The movie is designed to show case the roughness Dutt underwent during his formative years, his struggle in regards to his vices, so on and so forth

However in the course of watching Sanju, I found it to be far removed from a biopic and more of a show case meant to touch upon certain aspects of his life which would display the struggles Sanjay Dutt had to cope with which tend to glorify his life despite his short comings

The objective of creating a biopic is to put on a display the life of a person with all its beauty and ugliness combined

But alas, this is not the case with Sanju due to the following reasons:

What we watch on-screen are certain aspects and people in his life

Every situation we are witnessing is supposed to glorify the struggle he went through

The uglier aspects of his life are brushed aside which tends to come across as an attempt to avoid any type of reprisal from fans and people alike

Sanju with a run time of approximately 160 minutes does not feel like a drag, however for that run time it feels like you are only witnessing a few snippets which does not do justice to a life style with so much dynamism

From a screen play stand point, Joshi and Hirani try to keep it concise and dramatic where they do succeed to a certain extent but at times they lose a grip on the proceedings as there is connect that can be established with the characters

The screen play tends to focus only on the father-son duo and the father’s attempts to protect his son at all times

From a Performance stand point, most of the actors hit the nail on the coffin

Sonam Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Jim Sarbh, Dia Mirza, Anushka Sharma, Manisha Koirala and most notably Vicky Kaushal breathe life into their characters and none of them feel over the top

But without any denial, the star of this piece is Ranbir Kapoor who hogs the entire lime light by subsuming himself into the persona of Dutt and literally lives the personality

Not even for a moment do we feel we are watching Ranbir Kapoor but it is almost like watching Sanjay Dutt act out his own life on-screen for Hirani

He literally goes one step ahead in his quest for perfection and internalizes the pain of the personality which kind of is meant to humanize Sanju the Star

Rajkumar Hirani succeeds in his direction in bits and pieces with certain scenes where he out does himself in creating an emotional and dramatic impact that he is very well-known for

But at times, certain sequences literally feels manipulative for the audiences

Overall, this one is a watch for Ranbir Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Paresh Rawal and certain sequences.

Is Sanju a masterpiece? I doubt, however Cinema was, has and will always remain Subjective

To Each His Own. I expect a much Better Movie from Rajkumar Hirani after this!