“The Shallows” : What Do The Reviews Say??

Blake Lively in a still from "The Shallows"
Blake Lively in a still from “The Shallows”

The reviews have started pouring in for Blake Lively ‘s shark attack drama The Shallows , to be released this weekend. So what do the reviews say?? Have a look:

  1. You’re gonna need a bigger Blake (and you’re going to get one) in Lively’s enjoyably trashy shark-survival movie, the definition of summer fun. – TimeOut (Thumbs Up)
  2. Is “The Shallows” a thriller for the ages? No, but it’s decent popcorn fare. – WashingtonPost (Thumbs Up)
  3. For what it is, “The Shallows” works. – DetroitNews (Thumbs Up)
  4. It’s all patently ridiculous. But Blake Lively, director Collet-Serra and a digital shark show no mercy in hooking us with the B-movie tension. And we bite. – RollingStone (Thumbs Up)
  5. The Shallows is a great-looking film, peppered with overhead long shots of the amazingly clear water, and some terrific underwater photography as well. – Chicago Sun Times (Thumbs Up)
  6. [Lively] acquits herself well here, especially in the vulnerable-to-shark-attack department. – NewYork Times (Thumbs Up)
  7. A snack-size thriller that isn’t quite enough to satisfy. – NewsDay (Thumbs Down)
  8. The Shallows is brisk and engaging, and a great vehicle for Lively. The film has the sort of breathtaking cinematography that will inspire you to visit the ocean. And a story that may stop you from ever going into the water again – Toronto Sun (Thumbs Up)
  9. If you’re looking for a quick and satisfying summer thrill – a reminder that all you really need to make a movie is a girl and a flare gun – then the aptly titled Blake Lively-vs.-shark thriller “The Shallows” should serve you nicely. – LosAngeles Times (Thumbs Up)
  10. The girl kept talking and strategizing as heavy string music played on the soundtrack – New York Post (Thumbs Down)
  11. If the amount of surfing/suffering/staring-at-dark-skies footage rendered in slow motion were depicted at normal speed, “The Shallows” would run about a minute and a half. – Chicago Tribune (THumbs Down)
  12. Clocking in at a svelte 87 minutes, the film knows its audience and the limits of that audience’s patience with fare like this. – Entertainment Weekly (Thumbs Up)
  13. It’s not going to make anyone forget Jaws, but it delivers the kind of breathless tension that justifies its existence – TheWrap (Thumbs Up)
  14. Lively may have been cast primarily for her physique, but she proves a compelling heroine all the same. – Variety (Thumbs Up)
  15. The most important parts, the ones involving the shark, don’t feel genuine. – San Francisco Chronicle (Thumbs Down)

The reviews surprisingly are positive and who would have thought this B-grader will get this much acclaim! Blake Lively is a firebrand whom i like and will definitely watch The Shallows for her.