Simmba – Singh & Shetty end 2018 with a bang

Simmba marks the first collaboration between Rohit Shetty and Karan Johar which is a spin-off from the Singham franchise.

This collaboration between Shetty and Johar’s Dharma Productions and stars  Ranveer SinghSara Ali Khan and Sonu Sood, with Ajay Devgn reprising his role of Bajirao Singham

The film follows Sangram “Simmba” Bhalerao, a corrupt police officer from the same town as Singham, who is forced to lead a more righteous path after tragedy strikes those near him.

The above statement in a nutshell sums up the plot of this movie which is penned by Yunus Sajawal and Sajid Samji

Now, what makes this one entertaining?

Rohit Shetty does what he does best. He delivers masala entertainment without insulting our intelligence

He bares no bones about the fact that he intends to end 2018 with a bang.

And this, He achieves in style aided with a script armed with enough dialogues that aim to target us with some effective sequences

These particular sequences are meant to be downright corny, sentimental and cliched but serve their purpose in driving the impact in certain scenes

Shetty uses some pretty over the top dialogues that although are flaky but emphasize on rape and the place of women in our society

Sara Ali Khan is there to fulfill the love interest and does so with spunk in the limited scenes available to her

The Supporting Cast is present to do just that: support the overall impact needed to enhance the persona of the Protagonist through their actions

For every protagonist, we need a truly vile antagonist: And with Sonu Sood we witness a baddie with all the might at his disposal to challenge apna Simmba

He is menacing, towering and understated in response to Ranveer Singh’s Cop

The Cameos by Devgn and Kumar lead us to believe that we are now about to witness a Simmba/Singham/Sooryavanshi(Watch the movie and you will understand)

The Music is noteworthy with some good dance numbers like Aankh Marey, Aale Re Aala and Mera Waala Dance

This brings me to the Heart of this movie: Ranveer Singh

Simmba scores only because of 1 Sole Reason: This God Damned Son of a Gun!

Ranveer Singh breathes Fire, Energy and an Insane amount of Passion to the titular role that is hard to ignore

He literally goes through the entire gamut of emotions and expressions to enthrall, entertain and elevate even in the most mundane sequences

Simmba goes from being a regular Rohit Shetty Directorial to an Entertaining One because of this Madcap Performer

So, The Verdict?

Leave your Brains at Home, Get Ready to be Entertained and Head out to the Nearest Theater… Why?

Just Because You Need to Watch Ranveer Singh in the title role give you your money’s worth and a good time with some moments that deserve Seetis & Taalis(Claps & Whistles)

It’s time to end 2018 with a whiff of Ranveer-esque Proportions! Go for this one Friends!