Stay is a 2005 American psychological thriller directed by Marc Forster and written by David Benioff.

It stars Ewan McGregorNaomi WattsRyan Gosling and Bob Hoskins, with production by Regency and distribution by 20th Century Fox.

The film represents intense relationships centering on realitydeathlove and the afterlife.

The lines between imagination and reality begin to blur when an accomplished Psychiatrist takes on a patient that appears to be suicidal

This statement above sums up the concept of this Movie

Although having received below par reviews upon release, today this movie has gained a Cult Following

So, we will try to explore on why this one remains an Under Rated Gem?

Let’s Find Out!

What Doesn’t Work?

  • There is hardly anything that doesn’t work in Stay
  • However, there are certain things I would love to point out here for us to make a note of
  • There are a few aberrations that pop up while the narrative is ongoing
  • You see minor jump cuts
  • Even though they are minor, they are noticeable
  • There are certain sequences that segue into each other
  • While they flow into each other, it kind of leaves the sequence disjointed
  • It gives an impression of hap hazard editing
  • So, having said that we will touch base upon this aspect of the movie as we progress into this article

So, What Works?

  • The Narrative hooks you on from the first frame onwards
  • Hats off to a water tight script from Benioff(Really???)
  • The Cinematography is Top Notch
  • It is what you expect from a Marc Forster Movie
  • The Manner in which the scenes are designed are truly Surreal
  • They literally give a new meaning to witnessing a dream unfurling in front of your eyes
  • As the narrative progresses, there is a certain amount of bizarre theme growing into the narrative
  • You kind of feel something weird, something going berserk but cannot pin point on what exactly is happening
  • All this while, as it keeps getting weird a sense of lucidity keeps setting in
  • The First and Second Acts with their beautifully designed sequences are a Precursor to the Third Act
  • This is where all the pieces start falling in place(No Spoilers, I Swear!)
  • Now, I shall touch base upon some aspects of What Didn’t Work
  • We spoke about Haphazard editing and some flashy jump cuts
  • Even though they feel out of script or rather irrelevant, realization dawns on you!
  • They have existed all through for a reason
  • They were not accidental, these were inserted for a reason
  • That is exactly when you arrive at the exact finale
  • And Boy, The Finale is almost like an Entire Jigsaw Puzzle falling into place right in front of your Eyes!
  • It’s almost as if it was there all along
  • But we were too busy to look at the Whole, as we were busy looking at the Pieces

This Movie is One Exquisite Mess

But a Mess that Deserves Multiple Viewings

The Performances?

  • Well, What Can I Say?
  • McGregor, Watts and Gosling play their characters to a Hilt
  • The uncertainty, trepidation and anxiety of why their characters are supposed to enact those qualities are captured to the tee
  • These 3 have just made me fall in love with them all over again

The Verdict?

  • Stay is a Must Watch, for every Die Hard Cinephile
  • This Movie Deserves Multiple Viewings
  • It is Essential as it Touches Upon Multiple Themes
  • With Every Viewing, the Movie Reveals Something New

I would implore each and every one of you to watch this

Stay easily Measures amongst Marc Forster’s Top Rated Works

It Truly show cases his Film Making Prowess

This Movie just proves that He can create Magic On Screen when armed with a Magnificent Script

The Statement I have used in the SEO Title is not an Exaggeration!


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