Stree: Mard ko Dard Hoga?

Stree is an attempt by first time director Amar Kaushik trying his hand at horror-comedy, a genre not many in the Indian Film Industry have succeeded at

Although many of you have or yet to see it, this post is my view of how thoroughly entertaining and enriching this movie is

Kaushik gets the backing of indie directors Raj Nidimoru & Krishna D.K who also pen the screen play(of Go Goa Gone fame)

Stree takes a ridiculous phenomenon having existed and still existing in some parts of the country and gives it a quirky take by setting the story in a small town namely Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh.

Rajkummar Rao and his friends are at the center of this phenomenon wherein the spirit of a woman haunts the men folk of the town and abducts them leaving their clothes behind

There also happens to be a mystery lady in the form of Shraddha Kapoor who happens to be the center of attention for our leading man

This entire concept based on a ridiculous urban legend is what makes up a 140 minute movie

Now, how do the maker’s strike gold on this one?

Well, for beginners the makers do a fabulous job on the screen play by fleshing out the characters and making them more believable as small towners

All the actors do an amazing job of translating the director’s vision on-screen by bringing out the quirks of their characters alive on-screen

Another thing the writers manage is to bring on-screen a hard-hitting message of the situation that is still prevalent in our country

The role of women in our country is still essayed in a subtle manner which is then subverted by turning the tables apart

Roles, Situations and Scenarios that women have faced for millennia are now sequences where these men find themselves in

It is engaging and entertaining to find us MEN in these situations and how WE react

Certain scenes are shot with dexterity and are executed with finesse to balance the horror along with the humor

The pick of the lot among the actors are Rajkummar Rao and Pankaj Tripathi

Rao once again proves why he devours any role he chooses and makes it his own

The quirks, the mannerisms of a small town guy are made all the more relatable in the way he enacts in some sequences

Pankaj Tripathi as well steals the show whenever he appears on-screen just by lieu of delivering something different in every sequence

Stree is a breeze and it will waltz through without getting you disinterested

3 reasons why this should not be missed:

A solid and wonderful screen play that blends comedy and horror pretty decently

Stellar performances lead by Rao and Tripathi which gives us laugh out loud moments from time to time

A message that needs to be re-iterated every now and then which is yet delivered without any form of chest thumping and still drives its point home pretty hard

Please catch this Stree at your nearest theater as it would be a crime to miss this one before The Nun arrives!