11 Greatest British Movies of All Time!

British cinema has always enthralled us with their wit, humor, thrills and that weird bit of cockiness. We have always enjoyed the quirkiness portrayed in the British films. Many of the films from the Queen’s […]

Directors Guild Of America (DGA) Select 80 Best Directed Movies Of All Time…Is The List Good Enough?

The Directors Guild of America┬ácelebrated its 80th anniversary this year and it decided to commemorate this event in a manner most befitting of the internet age: by making a list. Here is what its announcement […]

11 Movies Of The Legendary Stanley Kubrick Ranked!

P.S. – All of Stanley Kubrick‘s movies are outstanding ! This is just a list of 10 movies which i liked the most! Stanley Kubrick was not just a film-maker, he was an auteur in […]