The Coma

Coma ( Russian  :  Кома ) is a Russian fantasy action film , directed by Nikita Argunov, released in 2019 .

  • After a terrible and mysterious accident, a talented young architect (Rinal Moukhametov) finds himself between life and death in a strange world based on the memory of people plunged into a deep coma. 
  • In this space – where the Empire State Building sits alongside Big Ben , rivers, glaciers and cities seem to hold a form of real-world memory in one room, distorted and twisted by subjective, fickle and fragmentary perception. 
  • The young man will have to fight against new laws of physics to survive, meet the love of his life, hope to find a way out, and wake up.

The above stanzas are good enough to give us a gist of what to expect in terms of the Premise

However, the question that needs to be asked:

Is This Premise Worth A Watch?

Let’s Find Out!

What Doesn’t Work for The Coma?

  • The Screen play tends to drag at certain plot points
  • The pace tends to slacken mostly around the arrival of the 2nd and 3rd Acts
  • The Acting is not up to the mark barring apart a few
  • The Lead Actor is effective however not entirely convincing
  • There are parts where the acting feels caricaturish
  • Another thing that was jarring was having to watch a dubbed version
  • It kind of diluted the impact of certain sequences and dialogues
  • I guess that is a reason why the acting felt off the mark for me

What Works for The Coma?

  • The Coma has a neat premise as we have read already
  • For Sci-Fi fans, the premise is exciting and raises a lot of questions
  • The Execution is stupefying and leaves you Awe-Struck
  • The Visuals do justice to the concept
  • You are transported into a world where everything seems dream like
  • The narrative also tends to move along at a break neck speed
  • In tandem, the story keeps moving ahead full steam
  • This allows the audience to soak in the beauty of the world that’s been created
The Coma
  • The overall foundation of the world here is structured pretty well
  • The journey of the Protagonist as he gets accustomed to this world is nifty
  • The Production Design & Art Direction team deserves a Kudos
  • For a Sci Fi movie made out of Russia, the scale and ambition of The Coma is Commendable
  • At the same time, the Visual Effects Team deserves a Bravura for the Attempt
  • The Efforts clearly show and will give a throwback to Sci Fi Classics

The Most recent example that will come hurtling to you is Inception

Having said that, the scope of the Premise between both is beyond comparison

The Coma
  • The Direction by Nikita Argunov is Confident and Note Worthy
  • It’s Hard to believe this movie is helmed by a Debutante
  • He executes the narrative with restraint

The Verdict?

Barring apart minor hiccups, The Coma deserves to be seen for:
  • To see the world of The Coma executed with a Visual Flourish
  • A Narrative that is Directed with restraint
  • A Russian Sci-Fi Movie that gives you a Fun Time
  • To reminisce on how close this one comes to Sci Fi Classics of Yore

I would like to request all of you to consider watching this

It deserves a viewing for the Attempt



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