The MUMMY Reboot Trailer Looks More Like a Mission Impossible Sequel!

After the release of a teaser trailer few days back, full trailer for ‘The MUMMY’ is finally out. And it stars none other than Hollywood’s favorite action hero Tom Cruise (Brendan Fraser will surely be missed).The movie is a reboot of the Mummy series and also the first movie in the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe.






Though the trailer doesn’t give out much details of the plot, it surely looks like a typical Tom cruise action film with the added twist of supernatural monsters.And he is doing what he does best which is Running. The movie is directed by Alex Kurtzman and produced by Roberto Orci. Apart from Cruise it stars Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet/ the mummy, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson and Russell Crowe. Oh! and it also teases the character of Dr.Henry Jekyll  (played by Russell Crowe). Have a look at the trailer below:

It’s pretty weird but the initial scene of the trailer did remind me of the Mission Impossible movies. That iris splitting scene is pretty cool though! Well this looks like a good start to the mummy-reboot series and also the Universal Monsters universe which will have monsters like Frankenstein (Javier Bardem), The Invisible Man ( Johnny Depp) etc. The movie comes out on 9th June, 2017. Feel free to comment below your views about the movie.