The Night Comes For Us

The Night Comes For Us is the latest offering from Director Timo Tjahjanto who pairs up with Netflix for this release

He teams up with stars Iko Uwais and Joe Taslim to create a paper-thin story based upon the South East Asian Triad and how one of their Six Seas goes rogue in order to save a young girl

The remainder of this story focuses on the Six Sea(Joe Taslim) trying to fight his way to survival while trying to keep the girl alive

This brief 2 – pointer happens to be the plot in a nutshell.

Now, how is this flimsy plot made entertaining?

Tjhajanto goes one step further and amps the Action to a level of Insanity beyond Redemption

He goes bat shit crazy along with Fight Choreographer Iko Uwais(who also plays the antagonist) devising the fight sequences

While doing that, he ensures he doesn’t give us as the Audience enough time to breathe.

He furiously keeps moving from one Action Set Piece to the other thereby not allowing us any respite from the onslaught of the previous one

How does this help?

Well, every time we progress with the narrative we are left thinking with the most perennial question:

How the fuck do you choreograph these crazy ass action set pieces?

Every set piece that follows keeps getting more bloodier and the bones keep breaking, jaws keep getting smashed while every other body part keeps getting damaged as the body count keeps piling up

The punches, kicks, jabs and stabs feel absolutely real and we can feel them while they are being executed on-screen

This is exactly how Action Movies ought to be made, A Nod for our Film Makers to take a leaf out of their Film Making Techniques

The Cinematography by Gunnar Nimpuno elevates the sequences by enhancing the effect of all the damage being inflicted

The Camera Work remains innovative and sucks you right into the middle of action leaving you with a sense of displacement whenever someone on screen gets mutilated in ingenious ways

The Verdict?

If you’ll happen to be true blue action fans, then this one is right up your alley

For Action fans, this piece of art will be a delight and will make you appreciate how action movies truly should be made

A movie like this puts our action movies to shame which only tend to make a mockery of the genre while Film Makers like Tjahjanto and a few others are pushing the envelope constantly when it comes to creating an entertaining action thriller

Please catch this one while it’s airing on Netflix, it will help us appreciate how Action Movies should be made

The Night Comes For Us