The Sky Is Pink: A tear-jerker worth your time

The Sky Is Pink is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language biographical film directed by Shonali Bose and co-produced by Siddharth Roy KapurRonnie Screwvala and Priyanka Chopra under the banner of RSVP Movies, Roy Kapur Films and Purple Pebble Pictures.

Starring Chopra, Farhan AkhtarZaira Wasim and Rohit Suresh Saraf, the film sees Chopra’s return after a three-year break from Bollywood.

Based on the love story of a couple spanning 25 years, the story is told through the lens of their spunky teenage daughter – Aisha Chaudhary, who was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.

Priyanka Chopra after a long time; back with her own production

Based on a True Story, Does it work?

Let’s find out!

So, What Doesn’t Work?

  • This tale of strength is narrated using a Dead Man’s(in this case, a Woman) Narrative
  • At times, this ruse tends to get a bit too illogical if we were to consider situations, sequences and scenarios
  • The length of the movie tends to drag in certain sequences
  • Part of this flaw could be attributed to the screen play trying to cram into many aspects
  • We know that the makers wanted to include all the snippets of Aisha’s life, but there is a way it could have been more concise
  • The snippets of her life could have been reduced to short instances rather than staging it all as different sequences of the narrative
  • This flaw also creates an issue with the story not knowing the direction which it has to take at times
  • Thus, sequences that could have maximum impact fail to do so because the effect is lost

Now, Let’s move to What Works?

  • The struggle to keep their child alive against all odds is beautifully portrayed
  • This is possible because of the performances of the Stellar Leads: Akhtar and Chopra
  • These 2 dive into the essence of the story with passion
  • They invest in the characters making them their own
  • The pain, the grief, the fear of losing a child is internalized with ease
  • Chopra and Akhtar make it look effortless
  • But they also choke you in scenes thereby allowing you to feel their pain
  • They make you value life and it’s little joys a lot more
  • The Direction in scenes like these? Absolutely Immaculate!
  • Most of the scenes with these 2 are electrifying
  • You only remember watching a couple trying to fight for their daughter, not the stars
  • Now, we come to the highlight: Zaira Wasim
  • Supposedly, this is her last film and we will miss her talent
  • She essays the central role effortlessly and makes us believe her Sky Is Definitely Pink
  • She delivers a performance filled with all nuances of emotions in the right degree
  • Joy, Grief, Anguish, Pain, Helplessness, Despair, Fear… Somehow this Mini Powerhouse essays all these and much more
  • For a girl who knows her time is limited, she packs in maximum joy into limited screen time
  • The Screen play in these sequences never drags, keeps it frothy and light
  • The Dialogues are on-point and hammer the fickle nature of Life in the lightest manner

So, The Verdict?

The Sky Is Pink is truly a wonderful effort from Shonali and Team

Despite the length being a dampener, you will still walk out Smiling with Joy

This is because the movie makes us feel fortunate

Priyanka needs to be applauded for throwing her weight behind a Story like this

This Story will truly remind us that Life needs to be Lived and Loved Ones treasured every Damn Moment

Please head over to the nearest Theater to see your Sky Turning Pink with Inspiration, Joy and what not!

P.S: The Sky Is Pink should be watched right until the Credits start rolling



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