The Lunchbox (2013) : Why This Movie Could Have Got India That Elusive Oscar Glory!

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With the arrival of Newton and the news surrounding it’s official entry to the Oscars, I thought of revisiting one of my earlier posts from 4 years ago regarding The Lunchbox which just about missed a TRIP to the OSCARS that year

Take a bow Mr Batra! For you truly created a stunning yet simple tale of loneliness in this big city of melting cultures called Mumbai and showed us how 2 people can connect even through a dabba(Lunchbox) delivered incorrectly

How those 2 souls bond with each other sharing their loneliness, their fears, their hopes and yet not come face to face with each other is what this tale is all about.

Ritesh Batra generates magic on screen from a simple yet tightly woven script that displays the joys we discover when we start connecting and identifying with some one, when we start confiding our fears to a total stranger and yet feel comforted by the fact that our demons will still be SAFE

Aiding Ritesh Batra in his execution of this simple story at the forefront is:

Irffan Khan who towers in every frame with his simple yet nuanced performance where he speaks volumes through his expressions and silence

The ever dependable Nawazuddin Siddiqui who surprises us every time he appears on screen and keeps surprising us in every scene matching Irrfan;s skill and energy in every other scene

And lastly, the new comer Nimrat Kaur who makes us root for her with her display of vulnerability, her joy of knowing that some one cares to know of her life, that some one out there wants to listen to her with out any expectations

These 3 performers are like the pillars of Batra’s sweet yet simple tale of Companionship and literally add the EXTRA to the ORDINARY

I am pretty sure that each and every person out there has seen this GEM of a MOVIE that was released without expectations that year and ended up earning money world wide, garnered critical acclaim beyond recognition and toured film festivals world wide

A big THANK YOU to all the PRODUCERS who backed the vision of Ritesh Batra:

These film makers are the reason why we could witness a Mosaic of Friendship involving these 3 fine actors

On a parting note all I want to say is, Missing this ONE is like missing what is to be the FUTURE of Indian Cinema.

I really think that if this film was sent as the India’s official entry to the Oscars, it had a very good chance of cracking the top 5!