Thor: Ragnarök – The Best Ever from MCU?

Thor: Ragnarök – There is nothing that I say will be considered novel or unique when it comes to writing about the 16th offering in the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) so rather than writing a post which comes off as a review, I will proceed to write about my experience of watching this movie and if it really is the Best in the Marvel Universe as per the previous post written by Kritarth Naman Singh:

The latest venture in this Universe which happens to be the 3rd offering of being the tale which will further Thor’s narrative has been helmed by New Zealander Taika Waititi(Notorious for Hunt for the Wilder people and What We Do In The Shadows)

2 Years after the Battle of Sokovia, we see Thor trapped by Fire Demon Surtur while searching for the Infinity Stones. Surtur reveals to Thor that Asgard will be destroyed as part of the prophesied Ragnarök. Thor ends up defeating Surtur thereby believing he has prevented Ragnarök

However, a chain of events beginning from Odin’s death bring Thor and Loki face to face with their sister Hela who is now hell-bent on conquering Asgard and ends up banishing both brothers on to Sakaar, an Alien Planet.

From here on, how Thor gets back to Asgard and prevents destruction of his people and planet without his hammer makes up for the running time of 130 Minutes of Thor: Ragnarök

Now to answer the question: Is this ONE really the Best?

I have to say, Damn right IT IS!

Taika Waititi truly makes a RESOUNDING impact as he creates a Universe for Thor that allows us to witness for his evolution as the leader of his people

We see Thor undergo a change that totally goes against our notions of how we have witnessed him so far in this universe: Losing his locks and his beloved Hammer Mjolnir

This time round, the world of Thor goes from being Grim and Dark to Vibrant and Self Reverential allowing us as the Audience to feel a lot more smiles when seeing all that is personal to Thor being snatched away from him knowing totally well that it will lead to his growth in this Journey of witnessing Ragnarök

The best aspects of Pearson, Kyle and Yost’s screen play is that it allows Waititi to keep bombarding us with witty one liners and situations without leaving any space to breathe yet keeps us aware of the Impending Doom Thor’s sister Hela intends to unleash upon Asgard

I will now point out the Major Accomplishments of Waititi’s Direction that makes this one Thoroughly Enjoyable

  • The Easy Going Direction that keeps the narrative smooth, fast and flows with verve and enough pizzazz to keep us anticipating more and more
  • The Art Direction and the Cinematography by Javier Aguirresarobe which gives us an almost psychedelic feel of looking at the most vibrant palette of colors imaginable ever for an MCU offering
  • The performances by Hemsworth, Ruffalo, Goldblum and each and every other actor on this movie is absolutely riveting, smashing and never once does a character leave you uninvolved deeply in any scene of this movie
  • The Sequence involving Cumberbatch, Hemsworth and Hiddleston is so Hilarious that you just can’t stop laughing at everything that is unraveling on-screen during this sequence
  • The Soundtrack by Mark Mothersbaugh is nerve dazzling and a treat to the ears as it lends to the Aura of the narrative of this Movie
  • The 2 Action Set Pieces where “Immigrant” by Led Zeppelin has been used in the back ground  truly acts as a Smorgasbord of Action fusing so effortlessly to the Music on-screen that will essentially Trip you with the sensation of being HIGH on both the Melody and Violence happening on-screen
  • Seeing the Evolution of Thor from the Prince God to being crowned King is a Joy in itself knowing fully well that Asgard will still continue even after its destruction and the loss of Odin

I felt glad that I experienced this one on an IMAX Screen as it just Amplified my Experience of watching this movie on the biggest screen possible

Hands Down, this Truly happens to be the Best amongst the Entire Offering of movies that have come so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and only Time will tell if Marvel manages to come up with anything that can out do Taika Waititi’s Efforts on Thor: Ragnarök

For Now, just enjoy Thor: Ragnarök as soon as you can at a nearest IMAX Theater