The Top 5 Alfred Hitchcock Movies!

Alfred Hitchcock needs no introduction. Dubbed as “The Master of Suspense”, the English director made dozens of suspenseful and psychological thrillers which has enthralled us since decades. Hitchcock directed more than fifty feature films in a career spanning six decades and is often regarded as the greatest British filmmaker.

Its difficult to put up a list of top-5 films by the celebrated film-maker, I have selected a few which I have watched multiple times and will do so even in the future. Here are my favourite five of Alfred Hitchcock:


5. ROPE (1948):


Rope deals with the aftermath of a murder. The enigmatic trailer, which features a short scene between a young man and his fiancée, declares, ‘That’s the last time she’ll ever see him alive. And that’s the last time YOU’LL ever see him alive.’ Indeed, the murder itself is committed in the opening shot of the movie, and from thereon out, the entire film takes place in a trendy New York loft where the homicidal pair murderers – a deliciously smarmy John Dall and an emotionally fragile Farley Granger – come to terms with their actions. On of the most innovative ideas presented in a supremely sublime way by Hitchcock!

4. VERTIGO (1958):


Vertigo still exhibits the unexpected, undercutting comedy that crops up so often in Hitchcock’s films. James Stewart stars as Scottie, a retired San Francisco detective who finds himself knee-deep in a new case, investigating the claims of an old buddy’s wife that she is possessed by the spirit of her great-grandmother. From there, things just get weirder, as Hitchcock’s favorite themes of murder, madness, and obsession are raised to near operatic levels. Brilliantly shot and has loads of repeat value.

3. DIAL M FOR MURDER (1954):

Dial M for Murder

The suspense thriller is about an ex-tennis pro carries out a plot to murder his wife. When things go wrong, he improvises a brilliant plan B. If the story doesn’t distract you much, Grace Kelly will surely do that! The vivacious actress along with Ray Milland in the title role make this viewing an even better experience. One of the films made by the maverick filmmaker, based on the concept of “the perfect murder”.

2. REAR WINDOW (1954):


Rear Window is another impossibly iconic film, born of a handful of brilliant cinematic ideas. A single location, a cabin-fever set-up, a murder close to home, and a vulnerable protagonist whose curiosity puts him in serious danger. Each complements the other to create a thriller that is as unified and as finely crafted as its elaborate apartment block courtyard set. A wheelchair-bound James Stewart, convalescing in his apartment with only his camera for company, turns his journalist’s eye on the neighboring residents of his tenement block. One day, he spots what looks like a man murdering his wife. But are his eyes playing tricks on him? A film exploiting the human tendency of voyeurism made for a compelling viewing and has since been one of the most celebrated works of Hitchcock’s golden career.

1. PSYCHO (1960):


Psycho was disturbing, horrifying and imo one of the best horror films of all time! Bernard Herrmann’s razor-sharp string arrangements, Anthony Perkins’ genuinely creepy turn as the shy, charming killer Norman Bates, and Janet Leigh’s grisly murder in the shower are all very familiar. Even if you’re not a horror aficionado, it is essential viewing nonetheless. Made for a mere $800,000 – less than a quarter of the cost of its immediate predecessor North By NorthwestPsycho grossed upwards of $30 million over its extended run, and provided Universal with a property it has continued to milk to this day. Iconic, cult, brilliant and chilling! REPEAT VIEWINGS NEEDED!

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