Trailer Watch : “Guardians” Marks The Arrival of the Russian Avengers!


The Russian version of Avengers has arrived!!! Superhero adventure Guardians is set to be Russia’s answer to Marvel’s hugely successful stream of comic-book blockbusters. Have a look at the impressive trailer below:

The film, which is titled Zaschitniki in Russian, follows a set of mutants who are recruited by the government to fight against an evil supervillain. It’s set in the cold war and features characters who represent the different nationalities of the Soviet Union, including a man who can transform into a bear and a woman who turns into water.

The film is directed by Sarik Andreasyan, the Armenian behind the Russian hit Pregnant, about a man who finds himself on course to give birth, and American Heist, an English-language thriller with Hayden Christensen, Adrien Brody and Akon.

The Guardians won’t hit theaters until February 23rd, 2017 but they’ve already announced development on a sequel. China is looking to increase the amount of films imported from other countries, and Chinese distributor Turbo Films has teamed with Russian production company Enjoy Movies to not only release this movie but co-produce the sequel. The film will take one of China’s 34 annual import spots. The Guardians is the second Russian film to fit into the quota, following the 2013 action film Stalingrad.