Trailer Watch : The Ultra-cool Teaser of “The Lego Batman Movie” !!


The first ultra-cool teaser of the next Batman movie is here….well it does not star Ben Affleck or Bale FYI! Produced by the studio who brought to us all the previous Batman films, here comes the sequel of the 2014 classic movie The Lego Movie, featuring the masked crusader Batman!! Have a look at the funny trailer below:

Will Arnett‘s take on the Caped Crusader is busy beatboxing (seriously!) when he is not saving the world, all before proceeding to drop the mic on the character’s entire film career. As he tells the Batcomputer that he saved Gotham City yet again with his sweet Lego Batwing and it was awesome. Then he goes ahead to have some Lobster Thermidor, because he totally deserves it. Watch this trailer immediately. You will not regret it. And yes, we do see a glimpse of the Justice League too!

Quote of the teaser: “I saved the city again. It was off the chain.” Super cool!